Berbice woman found dead with stab wounds


Police in Region Five are investigating the murder of a 48-year-old woman of No. 30 Village, West Coast Berbice, who was found naked with stab wounds about her body.

Dead is Daniele Charles called ‘Miss’, a labourer of the NDC Drainage & Irrigation Department.

The News Room understands that the incident occured on Sunday between 03:23 hrs and 12:10 hrs at Experiment New Housing Scheme, West Coast Berbice.

According to the police, Charles was drinking at the ‘Level Up’ bar in Bath Settlement on Saturday night with relatives and a male and female friend. Sometime around 22:00 hrs, her relatives left the bar but Charles remained there in the company of friends.

Her son told police that she called him at approximately 03:23 hrs and inquired if he was doing okay. The young man said he told her he was fine but when he asked if she was okay, the phone disconnected. When he called back, he got her voicemail.

The News Room understands that an unknown person called 911 at around 12:10 hrs Sunday and reported that the body of a female was found at the Experiment New Housing Scheme.

When police arrived, the woman’s naked body was found in the bushes. A multi-coloured top with suspected blood stains, a short pants, a bra and underwear were found next to the body.

The pants, bra and underwear were cut opened; it is believed that Charles was also sexually molested.

Further examination of the body revealed a total of 10 stab wounds – one to the left side breast, two to the throat and one to the center of the chest.

A post mortem is expected to be done soon.

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