Ganja and phones found during New Amsterdam prison search


A prison search at the New Amsterdam Prison in Berbice in the early hours of Wednesday unearthed the following items:

** Five (5) Cellphones

** Ten (10) Lighters

** Two (2) improvised weapons

** Three cellular phone batteries

** 137 grams of suspected narcotics (Cannabis)

The search was conducted within the male and female prisons between 06:00hrs and 08:00hrs by Joint Services ranks.

The items were confiscated and lodged at the Central Police Station.


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  1. habeeb says

    I am not a smart person. But, how the hell all those contrabands get by those at the checkpoint ?
    Some officers, if manning the checkpoint, must be in this for the favors-extra money supplementing their meagre salary… that is not science fiction.
    I understand some need marijuana for their pain- I must try it to see the results.
    The Govt. need to hire those smart kids to run many of these problem related offices…Head of the Prisons etc.

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