GPHC, Northwell Health perform advanced reconstructive surgeries


Experts New York’s Northwell Health recently collaborated with Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) to perform groundbreaking surgeries for six patients battling complex abdominal wall hernias.

A press release from the hospital said the team from the Northwell Health, featured Dr. Gainosuke Sugiyama, Dr. Sebastian Shterental and Dr. Samer Sbayi. They conducted triumphant abdominal wall reconstructive surgeries between November 18-19, 2023.

The resounding success of its collaboration will significantly enhance the quality of life for these individuals and delved into the intricate causes behind recurring hernias, GPHC stated.

Some patients in this collaboration faced recurring hernias because of complications from previous surgeries. The complex nature of hernia recurrence revealed key factors such as not enough postoperative follow-up and certain habits after surgery- being overweight, smoking, or having conditions such as diabetes- that played a crucial role in the recurrence of hernias.

By emphasising these causes, the experts crafted a holistic approach to improve patient outcomes. Further, the collaboration facilitated a profound exchange of skills and knowledge.

“GPHC resident surgeons actively engaged in these procedures, gaining invaluable insights and refining their techniques under the mentorship of the Northwell team and senior GPHC surgeons,” the release said.

This not only elevated patient care but also fortified the capabilities of local medical professionals, contributing to a more resilient healthcare system, GPHC stated.

Both institutions are steadfast in their commitment to exploring further collaboration opportunities, with a specific focus on anesthesia, plastic surgery, and orthopedic surgery.

This ongoing partnership symbolizes a joint dedication to advancing medical expertise, fostering international cooperation, and, crucially, addressing the root causes of medical challenges.

“The resounding success of this collaboration underscores the critical role of international partnerships in addressing complex medical cases and promoting a comprehensive understanding of factors leading to recurrence. GPHC and Northwell Health remain unwavering in their commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical innovation for the global benefit of patients.”

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