Murder of Accountant: Family puzzled, urges thorough probe


Relatives of Chooromanie Tulsie called ‘Anita’, the single mother who was discovered dead in her Mahaica, East Coast Demerara (ECD) home on Wednesday, are puzzled as to what might have been the motive behind her murder and are hoping that justice will prevail following the investigation.

The body of 38-year-old Tulsie, an accountant, was discovered in the lower flat of the Lot 26 Unity, Mahaica, ECD house she shared with her five-year-old son at around 08:00 hrs.

The discovery was made by Tulsie’s sister-in-law who would take care of her son while she was at work.

Police found a piece of cloth stuffed inside her mouth and a knife was stuck at the centre of her throat.

The News Room understands that there was no sign of forced entry into the house and only a bunch of keys belonging to Tulsie is missing; her son was locked in the upper flat of the house. It is believed that her killer/s was known to her.

The house where the murder took place (Photo: News Room/ November 23, 2023)

As the probe is ongoing, the News Room was reliably informed that based on intelligence received, investigators are currently pursuing an individual for questioning in relation to the murder.

In a telephone interview with the News Room on Thursday, Tulsie’s sister, Chandroutie Persaud said the family remains puzzled as to what might have led to the brutal murder or who did it.

And in their bid for closure, Persaud said the family is depending on the police investigation. She hopes the perpetrator/s will be caught and face the full force of the law.

“We can just speculate at the moment but not nothing definite. It’s an active investigation…The police are currently dealing with the matter…We are depending on the police to help us, to find the person. They are going to use the counsellor to get whatever information from the child (Tulsie’s son) and whatever information they would have gathered from the crime scene to see if they can hold anybody and so on,” Persaud told the News Room.

The distraught sister is demanding justice.

“I would want to know who kill her and let him face the law and whatever has to be, let it be. I would want to know who did this to her,” Persaud noted.

Persaud said Tulsie shared a close relationship with her family and they were not aware of her experiencing any issue/s with anyone up to the time of her death.

The family also claim that she was not in a relationship with anyone at the time of her murder and that she ended things with her son’s father five years ago.

On Wednesday morning, the sister-in-law journeyed to the house after calls to her phone went unanswered.

When the sister-in-law arrived at the house, the doors and gate were padlocked from the outside. A post-mortem examination is scheduled to be conducted on Friday.

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