Workplace safety, enhanced relationship needed to prepare businesses for economic development – U.S. Ambassador


The promotion of physical and physiological safety in workplace and enhanced company-to-company relationship are key aspects to prepare businesses for the economic growth and transformation being experienced in Guyana.

And as the partnership between the United States (US) and Guyana continues to strengthen, U.S. Ambassador to Guyana, Nicole Theriot has promised to work towards the promotion of inclusive growth.

The diplomat made the pledged as she was addressing the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) 28th annual awards and dinner held at the Marriott Hotel, Georgetown on Tuesday night.

“Capacity building and training across the different sectors serves as an important part in preparing Guyanese companies for the economy of the future.

“The private sector has been deeply involved in this…but there is more work to be done. With organisations like GMSA, we can work together to promote physical and physiological safety in the workplace…The other part of the plan is to deepen company-to-company relationships,” Ambassador Theriot said.

Highlighting that the energy sector has been a catalyst for Guyana’s remarkable growth, the Ambassador said investment and fostering other sectors are equally important.

“Economic growth does not always result in economic diversification. It’s something that you have to make a certain effort to do…Economic diversification is achieved by enacting policies that enables private sector growth, welcome private investment and deepened commercial bridges,” she said.

A section of the gathering (Photo: News Room/November 28, 2023)

Ambassador Theriot noted that the GMSA continues to advocate on behalf of businesses in Guyana.

“The GMSA plays an important role in Guyana’s continued development as well as the country’s economic diversification and during your corporate social responsibility initiatives and civic leadership, the GMSA has prioritised inclusive growth aimed at uplifting everyone as Guyana’s economy transform.”

Ambassador Theriot further noted that the U.S. Embassy has added a Department of Commerce to its structure. The department, she said focuses on helping U.S. companies to bring quality solutions to the local marketplace, especially with the “crucial” local content requirements.

Meanwhile, in his remarks, President of the GMSA, Ramsay Ali said partnerships and engagements have increased with regional and international companies.

GMSA President, Ramsay Ali addressing the gathering (Photo: News Room/November 28, 2023)

He said local companies also continue to strive. But as the economy continues to grow and develop at a rapid pace, Ali said there are gaps that need to be filled to cater for future development.

“A lot is happening in the country and there are a lot of gaps…we have to gear up for what is going to take place in the country,” he said.

Reflecting on 2023, Ali said 30 of GMSA members were certified by the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) to carry the ‘Made in Guyana’ stamp on their products.

He said they have also facilitated and participated in a number of trade visits and business-to-business meetings with regional and international companies.

And in 2024, Ali said the most anticipated event is the ‘GMSA Impack Manufacturers’ Summit’ which is aimed at promoting Guyana as a manufacturing destination.

Meanwhile, at Tuesday’s event, a number of local companies were recognised for their contribution and service to the manufacturing sector.

Awards were given for GMSA Start-Up business, GMSA new technology in business, GMSA innovation and creativity award, significant contribution to the oil and gas sector and distinguished service to the manufacturing sector among other categories.

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