Kilcoy man butchered to death, body dumped in drain; Venezuelans arrested


Two Venezuelan nationals have reportedly confessed to the brutal murder of 43-year-old Chetram Ramjattan called ‘Buck Crab’, whose disfigured and decomposed body was found inside a drain at Kilcoy, Corentyne Berbice in Region Six on Thursday morning.

The suspects have been identified as Simon Wills, 28, and Henry Venezuela, 25, both labourers attached to a chicken enterprise. A female Venezuelan national is also said to be in Police custody.

The man’s body was found at the back of the property where the suspects lived.

Sister of the deceased, Kamaldai Ramjattan, of Kilcoy, Chesney, told the News Room that he usually stays with her for brief periods; he left home on Saturday, November 25, and told her that he was going to their brother’s house located not far away.

When he did not return, her daughter went in search of him and as days passed, she eventually ended up at a property where some Venezuelan nationals are staying.

According to the sister, the foreigners who have been staying at the house for the past couple of months, did not allow her daughter in the yard.

“My daughter went to search and when she was trying to go in the yard they na allow she …my son catch one of them (Venezuelan) and he ask dem and dem tell he how dem kill somebody and throw he in the trench and then me call Albion Station. Then when dem go dem go in and find he,” Kamaldai told the News Room.

Ramjattan’s butchered remains was found in a drain at the back of the property; his face and head were completely disfigured and there were numerous chop wounds about the body.

The discovery was made at around 07:00 hrs.

“…My brother don’t know them…dem is Spanish people that go there to stay…he does drink but he live two street after them…” she said.

Asked what could have been the motive behind the gruesome murder, the woman disclosed that on Saturday her brother was passing the house and the children at the house hurled bricks at him.

She claimed that her brother reportedly went into the yard to lodge a complaint to the mother of the children but was instead hit with an iron bar by the Venezuelan woman.

“…The mother take the iron and knock him and when dem knock he, he tell me lil brother and me brother told him to go home. Like when he pass back…he is a junkie and he nah like see people smoke cigarette so like he go in and ask dem for a cigarette and dem catch he deh and kill he,” the sister said.

The Police investigation is ongoing.

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