Private Sector Commission urges Venezuela’s compliance with ICJ ruling


See below the full statement by the PSC:

The Private Sector Commission of Guyana acknowledges the recent ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) granting provisional measures against Venezuela in response to Guyana’s request. This decision underscores the importance of upholding the rule of law and respecting international agreements to ensure a peaceful resolution to territorial disputes.

We commend the ICJ’s unanimous decision, clearly articulating that, pending a final judgment, Venezuela must refrain from taking any actions that would alter the current situation in the disputed territory. This territory, where Guyana administers and exercises control over the Essequibo Region, is subject to the binding ruling on Venezuela as a signatory to both the UN Charter and the Statute of the Court.

Furthermore, we stress that the 1899 arbitral decision is definitive, establishing a historical precedent. In anticipation of a favorable ICJ ruling supporting Guyana’s rightful claims, we reaffirm our commitment to international law and the peaceful resolution of disputes. As the private sector, we underscore the importance of respecting international law, as it provides a framework for peaceful coexistence and dispute resolution. The principles outlined in the Arbitral Award of October 3, 1899, must be upheld to maintain the status quo in the Essequibo Region.

We urge the government of Venezuela to comply strictly with the ICJ’s order, refraining from any actions that may jeopardize the peaceful administration and control exercised by Guyana over the Essequibo Region. It is our firm belief that adherence to international law is crucial for fostering stability and promoting economic development in the region.

The Private Sector Commission of Guyana reaffirms its commitment to supporting the government’s efforts in pursuing a peaceful and legal resolution to this territorial dispute through established international mechanisms, such as the ICJ. We believe that diplomatic channels, guided by the principles of justice and the rule of law, are essential for resolving disputes between nations.

Furthermore, we call upon the international community, particularly our sister countries in CARICOM and the broader global community, to continue supporting the principles of justice and international law in relation to the controversy over Guyana’s border with Venezuela. The solidarity of the international community serves as a powerful force in upholding the United Nations Charter and ensuring the peaceful settlement of disputes.

The Private Sector Commission of Guyana maintains optimism that, through diplomatic dialogue and a steadfast commitment to international legal norms, a fair and enduring resolution to this dispute will be attained. We eagerly anticipate a comprehensive and definitive settlement by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to bring about a conclusive end to the matter.


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  1. Pete says

    Who’s behind Maduro’s bold defiance of the ICJ’s ruling and actions of annexing Essequibo?
    1. Is it his commie party will lose power in the election and the 1st female president will get a landslide?
    2. Is it his backing from China?
    3. Is it ExxonMobil, through it’s influence on the U.S Govt to covertly support this posturing by Maduro by releasing U.S sanctions (remember, U.S tries to use Sanctions as a weapon, but as seen with Russia and Iran, the sanction is like a foam bat), thereby forcing the retarded GY Govt to acquiesce to incurring ExxonMobil demands and continue the lopsided exploitation of it’s high dollar resources?

    think about these and YOU be the judge…

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