Women’s Chamber hosts 4th Annual Founders’ Dinner, Awards Ceremony


See below the full statement issued:

The Women’s  Chamber of Commerce and Industry Guyana (WCCIG) hosted its highly anticipated 4th  Annual Founders’ Dinner and Awards Ceremony, bringing together distinguished  industry leaders, professionals, and trendsetter practitioners for an evening of celebration  and networking.

The theme of this year’s event, “Empowering women in leadership; shattering  boundaries and charting new horizons,” set the tone for an inspiring evening  dedicated to recognising and celebrating the achievements of women in business.

President of the WCCIG, Ms. Rowena Elliot, delivering the open and welcome remarks,  stated, “At WCCIG, we are committed to advocating for gender equality in  the business world and supporting women entrepreneurs. Tonight’s theme  embodies the spirit of our organisation, and we are thrilled to honour  outstanding women who have made significant contributions to their  respective fields.”

The guest speaker, Deputy Secretary-General of CARICOM, Dr. Armstrong Alexis, in  delivering his address to the audience, remarked, “In the journey of women’s  empowerment, determination to shatter boundaries and chart new  horizons is not a destination but a continuous pursuit. Choose to give it  your very best, for in doing so, you pave the way for progress…”

President of the WCCIG, Ms. Rowena Elliot

Dr. Alexis also charged the Chamber to be your sisters’ keeper. “As we collectively  navigate this path, let us remember the importance of being our sisters’  keeper. Nothing is more empowering than the reinforcement from those  who understand the challenges and aspire for progress along the paths we  tread,” he posited.

The keynote speaker, US Ambassador to Guyana, Amb. Nicole Theriot, delivered a  powerful address, emphasising the importance of breaking barriers. She said,  “Empowering women is not just a goal; it’s a necessity for the progress of  any society. Tonight’s awardees exemplify the resilience and capability of  women in leadership roles, and their stories inspire us to continue  shattering glass ceilings.”

Ambassador Theriot also commended the Women’s Chamber for its achievements since  its birth in 2019 and encouraged the executives and general membership to continue to  be champions of change and an empowerment body for women owned businesses in  Guyana.

The highlight of the evening was the recognition of the awardees:

  • Woman in Business Award: Ms. Upasna Mudlier of Denmor Garments  (Manufacturers) Inc.
  • Business Excellence Award: Ms. Shamela John of RESYSCO by SJ.
  • Entrepreneurial Excellence Award: Ms. Evie Kanhai-Gurchuran of Gurchuran  Investments Inc.

The Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s awards selection process, guided by  a committee of board members, ensures a fair and transparent recognition of outstanding  individuals and businesses.

In addition to the awards, the event saw the official installation of the new WCCIG Board  of Executives for the year 2023-2024, reinforcing the organisation’s commitment to  excellence and diversity.

The re-elected President Rowena Elliot expressed her gratitude, saying, “I am  honoured to continue leading this incredible organisation. Together, with  our newly elected board members, we will strive to create a business  environment where women can thrive and succeed.”

The newly elected board members include Vice President Aysha Khan, Senior Director for  Public Relations Martina Johnson, Senior Director of Business Diversity Shevion Sears,  Secretary Josephine Tapp, Treasurer Shamela John, and Director of Outreach, Events,  and Fundraising Lisa Mohamed.

The 4th Annual Founders’ Dinner was not only a celebration of achievements but also a  testament to the WCCIG’s dedication to empowering women in leadership roles and  fostering a supportive business community. The event was held at the Marriott Hotel.

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