Windsor Castle family robbed by gunmen


Three women are in a traumatised state following an armed robbery at their Windsor Castle, Essequibo Coast house in Region Two on Monday night.

The News Room understands that four masked gunmen broke into the premises at around 21:00 hrs and stole an estimated $10 million in cash and jewellery.

The family operates the ‘Smart Shoppers’ business where they do Superbet and other transactions.

The business owner told the News Room that she was at home with her daughter and sister when they heard a noise at the door but initially thought it was a dog.

“I came outside to check if was the door when I saw the four men opened the door screw out the bolt; all of them had guns,” the traumatised woman told the News Room.

They robbed her of her gold bangles but left her with her wedding ring; they also robbed her sister of gold chain in addition to an undisclosed sum of cash.

The bandits also ransacked the house before fleeing.

“We complied and give them everything then they left; we were safe and we called the Police who arrived promptly,” the woman said.

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