Border controversy: Boxing Association stands in unison with Guyana’s government


See below press release from the Guyana Boxing Association

The Guyana Boxing Association (GBA), its affiliates, and the entire fraternity are resolute in their national support of Guyana’s territorial and sovereign integrity in the wake of posturing from the Venezuelan government following illegitimate claims to Essequibo.

Guyana is presently before the ICJ seeking a final settlement on the territorial dispute, with the court issuing a warning of refrain to Venezuela on December 1st pending its ultimate decision. The Spanish-speaking country must refrain from any action that will modify the prevailing situation.

The area of Essequibo, which is colloquially called the ‘Cinderella County’ in local parlance, is legitimately part of Guyana following the 1899 Arbitral Award, which is recognised by the international community as a ‘full, perfect, and final’ settlement.

As such, and similarly in the realms of sport, agreements, outcomes, and results by contesting entities must be respected and should be viewed as a demonstration of camaraderie and mutual respect for peace.

By the same token, these episodes of dispute between respective parties and the resulting outcomes that emanate are a consequence of the utilisation of internationally accepted and respected mechanisms and entities for a peaceful and civil outcome.

Thus, the GBA supports and respects the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) as the appropriate body to fully resolve the border controversy, and we stand in unison with the Government of Guyana and the populace in defending the nation’s unequivocal territorial rights.

GBA President Steve Ninvalle said, “The GBA stands with the entire population in support of Guyana’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. Essequibo, like the other two counties, Demerara and Berbice, belongs to Guyana, and no machination can alter that reality. The government should be lauded for their efforts in protecting the integrity of the nation through the appropriate diplomatic and judicial channels and processes.”

He further said, “Conversely, the low turnout by the Venezuelan population, which is cited by objective and independent observers and media outlets, underscores the disconnect that exists between the government and the people. The Venezuelan populace understands the importance of stability and maintaining peace in the region. Any other notion or intent, especially one underpinned by the interpretative language of violence, can prove to be catastrophic, and this clearly factored into the decision of the Venezuelan populace. This missive, in essence, represents the sentiments and position of the entire sporting community. Essequibo belongs to Guyana.”

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