Norton withdraws motion on Venezuelan aggression without informing his own Chief Whip


Opposition Chief Whip, Christopher Jones on Monday appeared stunned after he learned his party leader, Aubrey Norton withdrew an “urgent” Parliamentary Motion to discuss Venezuela’s aggression against Guyana.

During a sitting of the National Assembly at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre, the Opposition Leader spoke extensively about the border controversy and reiterated the APNU+AFC’s support for the government in its stance against Venezuela.

At the end of Norton’s speech to the House, and as the Clerk was proceeding with the rest of the sitting, Jones interjected and asked the Speaker about the motion.

“Mr Speaker, I crave your indulgence and your guidance. The APNU+AFC submitted a motion of urgent public importance last Friday. Could you guide us in terms of how we proceed with that motion, sir?” the Opposition Chief Whip queried.

In response, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Manzoor Nadir said, “I discussed that with the Leader of the Opposition, and we had agreed that I will allow him to make a statement and that motion will not go forward.”

The Speaker’s response left Jones stunned as he was unaware of the agreement between the Opposition Leader and the Speaker.

This prompted other Parliamentarians to tease the Opposition Leader about not consulting with his Parliamentarians.

This is not the first time Norton has come in for flak for not consulting with his party members on important matters. His leadership style has come in for severe criticisms since he assumed the post in December 2021 and several of his members have since resigned.

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