Everest ground closed for expansion to meet international requirements


The executives and members of the Everest Cricket Club have taken a decision to expand and improve the outfield at the prestigious club with immediate effect.

Works include relaying of the playing square and expanding the outfield further east and north.

The ground is expected to be out of order for approximately three months while two more wickets are being added to the square which will also be adjusted about 15 feet north.

Grass will be planted on the new square which will meet international standards when completed.

The expansion on the outfield means that the northern sight screen will be replaced by a larger structure which will be built further north. The new sight screen will be approximately forty feet wide. Additionally, the eastern part of the ground will be expanded and concrete drains will be constructed.

In the meantime; training, practice and even intra-club matches will be done on grass wickets which will be developed only when needed.

Meanwhile, other facilities of the club will remain available including lawn tennis, pickleball, hockey, table tennis, squash and the members bar.

The executives and members are asking for the public’s tolerance, support and understanding while they make the club even better to hone skills and to meet international requirements. (John Ramsingh)

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