Excavator operator brutally stabbed at Ituni


An excavator operator will spend the next month or more in hospital due to injuries he sustained during an attack Monday night at Ituni Village, Region Ten.

Injured is Keon Liverpool, a father of five of Ituni.

During an interview with the News Room, a relative of Liverpool, who wished not to be named, said he stopped to park the excavator he had used for work that day.

Afterwards, he was talking to an elderly women, when he was allegedly attacked from behind and brutally stabbed about his body.

“He (the suspect) buss he belly, he liver get bore four time and he get stab in he arms. He kidney get graze too,” the relative said.

Liverpool attacker is reportedly known to him.

The relative said Liverpool had indicated to his family that he and the suspect had an old grievance and the suspect allegedly threatened to kill him on several occasions.

However, the relative said Liverpool never provided any details about what might have caused the feud between him and the suspect.

“He (Liverpool) told he sister them if anything happen to him let them know is this boy (suspect) cause this boy threaten he,” the relative told the News Room.

Liverpool is currently admitted as a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital in a critical condition.

The relative told the News Room that doctors have since indicated that due to his condition, Liverpool is required to remain hospitalised for another month.

“He have to be in there for one month straight and for six month he can’t eat, share liquid he got to drink.

“The doctors them seh they thought he woulda die because of how he went. He was bleeding very bad,” the relative said.

Liverpool’s family is demanding justice.

“He need justice because he (the suspect) put he in a state that he can’t work back for the rest of he life. He damage he… like his intention  was to kill him.

“…He’s a boy he does work and he does look after he family. He got children,” the relative told the News Room.

The News Room understands that matter was reported to the Police and an investigation has been launched. However, the suspect, who is known as ‘Marky’ is yet to be arrested.

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