Man killed by wife’s extramarital partner at their Diamond house


A man was killed by his wife’s extramarital partner at their Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara house in the wee hours of Sunday.

Police identified the dead man as Ketezel Bazillo, a  31-year-old self-employed resident of Lot 769 New Young Professionals Housing Scheme, Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

The suspect was identified as Muammar Jabbar called ‘Omar Jabbar’ of Albouystown.

Investigations revealed that Bazillo lived with his 38-year-old reputed wife Wanda Jones, and four children (the youngest 12 and the eldest 16 years old).

According to Jones, at around 22:00 hrs last night, she was decorating the home for the holiday season when she called Jabbar, whom she has known for several years and has a relationship with, to bring some KFC for them.

Jabbar was released from prison for murder about two weeks ago. Jabbar arrived at her home with a bucket of chicken and she invited him inside the house where he stayed for the night.

Police are looking for the suspect Muammar Jabbar called ‘Omar Jabbar’ of Albouystown.

At about 04:00hrs Sunday, Bazillo came home and called out to his wife for her to open the front door and she hesitated. Bazillo became annoyed and he questioned her timing.

She then told him that Jabbar was inside the house and he asked her why she got a convicted criminal in his house. After she refused to open the door, Brazillo went to the eastern bedroom window where he removed several louvre panes and entered the house through the window.

Bazillo confronted Jabbar who pulled out a handgun and discharged a round at Bazillo, who fell to the ground.  Jabbar then went over him and discharged another round at Bazillo.

Bazillo’s body was examined and two gunshot wounds were seen, one to the neck and one to the chin area.

The scene was processed by investigators and a .32 spent shell was found in the bedroom. Several broken louvre windows were seen in the bedroom.

Several persons were interviewed and statements are being taken.  Investigations in progress

  1. habeeb says

    The wife deserved the outcome of having her sweat man sleeping over and the live in returning home- who
    was killed by the sweat man. Nothing brings chaos like a bucket of KFC… revived the killing instinct.
    Now, she lost both cutlass and guana (iguana)… the old saying.

    1. Matthew says

      True words……..

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