Man fatally shot while attempting to break into container with imported fruits, vegetables


A man whose age, occupation and address remain unknown was shot and killed in the wee hours of Sunday while he allegedly attempted to break into a container containing imported fruits Campbell Avenue and Delph Street, Georgetown.

Police said the incident occurred at about 00:05 hrs.

The man was allegedly shot by a 31-year-old Supernumerary Constable employed by Bently Security Service, who was armed with a Glock 19 Pistol.

Investigations revealed that the Supernumerary Constable was on security duty at a prominent business place at Delph Street and Campbell Avenue when he observed a man next to a container that belonged to the businessman.

The man, who was armed with a chopper, was about 35 feet from where the security guard was standing. He was observed pulling at the padlocks that secured the container. Inside the container were apples and other fruits and vegetables.

“The security guard said he called out to the man to desist from trying to break the lock.  The guard said the man then turned towards his direction and began to advance towards him aggressively with the chopper in his hand.

“The guard said he again called on the man to desist but he continued to advance towards him. As a result, the guard drew his firearm and discharged one round in the man’s direction. The man made a few steps and fell to the ground,” the police statement noted.

He was clad in a blue short pants, a white jersey, white socks and a pair of red slippers. A black-handle chopper was seen on the ground next to him.

The body was examined and what appeared to be a gunshot wound was seen to his left side face.  Two smoking utensils were found on him, one in his pants pocket and one in his pants crutch.

The scene was processed by ranks from CID headquarters. The man was pronounced dead by a Doctor from the Georgetown Public Hospital.

The security guard was arrested and is presently in custody assisting with the investigation. The firearm was also seized and lodged.

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