10 core sports to each receive G$500,000 grant for equipment


In an effort to improve the quality of the National Sports Academy, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, in collaboration with the National Sports Commission, will disburse G$500,000 to 10 of the 12 core sports as part of a financial assistance package for the acquisition of equipment.

The aforesaid financial assistance mechanism, which was conceptualised by the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Charles Ramson Jr., is a first in local history and will assist the disciplines of Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Hockey, Lawn Tennis, Rugby, Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis and Volleyball.

Cricket and Football, the two largest sports on the local landscape, were excluded from this grant, as they are the recipients of annual financial aid from their respective global and regional governing entities.

Director of Sport Steve Ninvalle said: “This initiative is a novel approach to the development of sports and is the brainchild of the honourable Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sport Charles Ramson Jr. It is a direct consequence and result of the discourse between the associations of the core sports and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and the National Sports Commission and highlights the importance of communication, cooperation, and collaboration between sports organisations and government agencies and bodies. This programme illustrates that the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sport and the National Sports Commission understand what is required in the developmental process and are committed to ensuring that sports continue its upward trajectory and growth.”

He further said: “The associations are very supportive of this gesture and welcome this initiative, which will certainly improve and evolve in the future. By the same token, additional assistance and collaborations between the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, the National Sports Commission, and the sports fraternity will be a reoccurring theme as we strive to enhance our sporting culture and landscape.”

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