After countless threats, woman beaten to death by ex-boyfriend


An early morning tragedy struck at Parika, East Bank Essequibo, after a woman was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend.

The woman has been identified as 25-year-old Amanda Persaud. She was the mother of a 3-year-old girl and a vendor at the Parika Market.

The suspect was identified as Guradean Lallaram called Krishna, 39, her ex-boyfriend. He is currently in police custody.

According to her younger sister, Devi Persaud, at about 06:00 hrs on Sunday, Amanda called her family on a cellphone and was screaming as Lallaram was beating her.

“I receive a call from she minutes after six o’clock. She was on the call when he been beating she.

“By time we get there about ten minutes after, we see blood running from she nose.

“She scream on the phone til she can’t scream no more,” Devi said during a phone interview.

Devi said the pair were in a relationship for about four years and that they recently broke up after Amanda decided to leave the abusive situation.

The woman said Lallaram made countless threats and beat her sister several times. The couple lived with Amanda’s family and the family witnessed these events and advised her to break off the relationship and get a restraining order against him.

She eventually heeded their advice but did not get the restraining order because his family assured her that they would speak with him, Devi said.

Early Sunday morning, the man went to the home, but Amanda’s family told him to go away and come back at a later time.

He waited for Amanda to leave her home and then he approached Amanda.

Devi said the area where Amanda was beaten is several feet away from their house.

When the family rushed to her aid, Amanda had blood gushing out her nose and her head was badly injured and parts of her brain could be seen.

She was still breathing.

The Parika and Leonora Police Stations were contacted and Amanda was being taken to the hospital when she died.

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  1. Derk says

    Maximum penalty ! This atrocity must be eradicated from every society.

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