Olympic Solidarity Archery Coaching Course to be hosted in Guyana


Archery Guyana will stage an Olympic Solidarity Coaching Course from January 17-21, 2024, the governing body for the sport has announced.

This five-day Olympic Solidarity Coaching Course will be held under the auspices of Olympic Solidarity and in this regard the Board of Directors of Archery Guyana has commended the Executive Committee of the Guyana Olympic Association for the guidance in making this possible for Archery and Guyana.

“World-renowned World Archery Coach Trainer, Ms. Ludys Carina Tejada, is a Dominican, who actually started Archery as an athlete in 1978-2008, being a recipient of numerous awards and has medalled in a number of events. She is now an Archery Coach, who is also a member of the World Archery Development Committee from 2010 to date,” Archery Guyana explained.

“Currently, she is a Coach of Santo Domingo Archery school and Pedro Henriquez Ureña University, which position she held since 2014 and has been selected as the facilitator of this course.”

The course will be attended by 20 participants, both male and female, who are all local Archery coaches of various levels and work with various schools throughout the various Regions.

Tejada has tailored a programme to include the basics of coaching juniors right up to the team tactics of senior level competition.

President of Archery Guyana, Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon, in giving an update on planning of the event, expressed special thanks to President of the Guyana Olympic Committee Godfrey Munroe, Treasurer Garfield Wiltshire and the Executive Committee members for the provision of an Olympic Solidarity grant.

She also thanked Director of Sport Steve Ninvalle, the National Sports Commission and the Unit of Allied Art, Ministry of Education for their support.

Persaud-McKinnon stated that among the topics to be covered in the proposed agenda are Code of Ethics/WADA, Introduction to what is Archery and what is coaching, the Beginners Award Programme, How to build an Archery session, preparatory movements/stance and nocking, string grip, bow and hand setting, body preposition, bow rising, anchoring, full draw form, production of forces, full draw form, expansion, aiming/target panic, Para Archery, release and follow through, balance, physical development, psychology, mental and visual and breathing.

The course will be conducted at the National Resource Centre, Woolford Avenue, Georgetown. There will be theory and practical sessions twice per day from 08:30h to 12:00h and 13:00h to 16:30h.

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