Toolsie Persaud Limited reaffirms support for Golf development


Hardware and building supplies giant Toolsie Persaud Limited and Group of Companies has continued its long-term support for the efforts being made by Nexgen Golf and the Guyana Golf Association to develop playing facilities for beginner golfers and students at the Westside Golf Course.

A section of the facility is being built with materials contributed by the hardware giant, which include bathroom fittings, piping, doors, paint and electrical supplies from the wide range of products the company carries.

According to GGA president Aleem Hussain, “Toolsie Persaud Limited and Group of Companies has been a staunch supporter and sponsor who has helped the development of golf in Guyana over the past three years. Every major event that we held involving youngsters has received their support and we are extremely grateful to have them on board for this project.”

The Westside Golf Course was designed and built by Hussain and was featured in Golf Architecture Magazine last October as an innovative approach to the expansion of the game by reducing playing and maintenance costs, thereby allowing a larger portion of the population access to a previously elitist sport.

The new course is located at Vreed-en-Hoop and will host Phagwah and Easter celebrations since Joe Vieira Park is currently under renovation. (Guyana Golf Association)

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