New $48M water supply for North Pakaraima community


Approximately 232 residents of Kamana, which is located in the North Pakaraimas, Region 8, will now benefit from an investment of a $48 million water supply system.

Housing and Water Minister Collin Croal on Sunday commissioned the facility following a brief community meeting with residents.

During the meeting with residents, the minister used the opportunity to update residents on development plans for the region, coming out of the recently passed 2024 National Budget.

Overall, to improve water services in the hinterland regions, a total of $1.5 billion has been budgeted. Out of this allocation, two new wells are expected to be completed in Region Eight, one at Mahdia and another in the village of Campbell Town.

Minister of Housing of Water Collin Croal with other officials commissioning the well (Photo: Ministry of Housing and Water/ February 11, 2024)

Meanwhile, the Housing Minister implored residents to play their part in preserving the new facility.

Given their location away from the coast, Minister Croal noted that training will be provided to residents for basic maintenance of the facility to ensure its longevity.

The scope of the Kamana project included: the drilling of a potable water well to a depth of 120 meters, installation of 3000 meters of 50mm (2”) PVC pipes, 1000 meters of 19mm (3/4”) PVC pipes with 50 Services connection, the construction of concrete slab and installation of storage tanks and installation of Photovoltaic pumping system and perimeter fence.

Before this new water supply project, the community received water from a small spring source. However, that system was not adequate to provide water to the entire community.

Also, a donation of sporting gears was made to the community by R. Kissoon Contracting Services.

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  1. habeeb says

    Why do the Government always have to publicize how much $$$ Millions they spent to supply potable water to a community ? And, the pipes used ? All that is irrelevant. It is the responsibility of Govt. to supply services
    where it is lacked. They recover that costs over time by billing customers for the use of the product-water.
    Same nonsense telling the entire country what is spent, roads, electricity, and everything else that runs the government.

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