To boost maritime safety, decades-old ‘Torani’ wreck being removed from Mazaruni River


In a bid to enhance navigational safety in Guyana’s rivers and waters, the removal of Torani, a relic from the 1960s, has commenced, the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) announced on Thursday.

The vessel, once a crucial transportation link across the Essequibo and Berbice Rivers, encountered structural challenges in 2012, rendering it unfit for service.

Since its decommissioning in December 2018, the Torani has lain partially submerged near the Transport and Harbours Department’s dry dock facility in the Mazaruni River. It was identified as a hazard to navigation, the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) stated in a press release on Thursday.

Dutch company Koole B.V, has been contracted by MARAD to remove 17 sunken vessels, including the Torani.

With expertise in submerged wreck removal, Koole B.V promises a swift and thorough execution of the project, having successfully extracted seven vessels already.

The eighth wreck is the Torani with an anticipated completion timeline of five weeks, marking a significant stride towards bolstering maritime safety and environmental protection.

The $1.38 billion contract awarded just over a year ago underscores the government’s commitment to efficiently removing wrecks to ensure safe passage for evolving maritime activities in Guyana.


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  1. habeeb says

    Can I please have a piece of this wreck for keepsake and memory ? Well, I am talking about a small piece, maybe, 6 inch square of the steel.
    I enjoyed travelling across the Berbice River on many occasions on the TORANI to join that old rickety old
    train to GT, with stops at Mahaica, Mahaicony for some Fish & bread with hot, hot pepper sauce.
    It was stupid idea to sell that train, now replaced with vehicles, moving faster than jet planes, killing Harry wrong to Harry right, left and center.

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