‘Locally rooted, globally connected’ – IGOT Guyana offering much-needed services, experience


IGOT Guyana is a local company that has positioned itself as a key provider of much-needed products, services and equipment for the nascent oil and gas sector. 

IGOT stands for International Gas and Oil Trading but the company does much more than its name reveals. 

The General Manager, Luis Rojas said the company specialises in the distribution of equipment, products and services used in the upstream, midstream and downstream oilfield sectors. That means IGOT Guyana can tailor solutions for the inception to completion of any product. 

Rojas emphasised, “Our role is to bring experience in the industry but also a reliable network of suppliers to Guyana.”

IGOT Guyana’s General Manager, Luis Rojas

IGOT Guyana’s offerings include offshore and onshore drilling products, gas injection compression production, personal protective equipment (PPE), offshore and onshore coating and accessories and electrical fittings and accessories. 

Those offerings are supported by IGOT Guyana’s strategic alliances with renowned companies like the Walworth Group, PPG Industries, Starlink, Vallen, WESCO International and Diavaz. 

Diavaz, in particular, has been supporting Mexico’s oil sector for decades and is a key partner for IGOT Guyana. 

It also maintains a management vendor platform with the goal of matching key interests and qualification with fit-for-purpose suppliers. A transparent selection process is used to foster equal opportunity and competition, both crucial elements for the best products and services customers can access. 

The company’s aim of providing high-quality services and products, backed by its experience and partnerships, is underpinned by its motto: “Locally Rooted, Globally Connected: Your Bridge to Success.” 

IGOT Guyana Sales Manager, Hardeo Seeram

And the company’s Sales Manager, Hardeo Seeram highlighted that IGOT Guyana is fully local content certified. With that certification, he believes IGOT Guyana is helping to build local capacity and satisfy growing demands. 

“There are many opportunities and many gaps to fill in Guyana and IGOT Guyana believes it can fill those gaps,” Seeram said. 

Anyone interested in what IGOT Guyana has to offer can connect with the company via its website, www.igotgy.com or via any of its social media platforms. (IGOT Guyana press release)

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