Cheaper flights between Suriname & Guyana needed as two countries collaborate more- Business chamber


Continental neighbours, Suriname and Guyana, have found much value collaborating with each other and a Suriname- Guyana Chamber of Commerce has been established to help making cross-country investments and partnerships much easier.

Chairman of the Chamber, Vishnu Doerga, however, says cheaper flights between the two states are needed to help push business partnerships and collaboration even further.

According to Doerga, flights to Miami are cheaper than direct flights between Guyana and Suriname. And with about flour flights between the two countries everyday, he says those flights should be much cheaper.

“We are neighbouring countries

“It needs to be a lot easier for us to be able to visit both countries but also to do business in both countries,” Doerga said when he spoke to reporters at the Guyana Energy Conference and Supply Chain Expo on Thursday.

Doerga also said there has generally been good progress deepening business ties between the two countries, though differing systems of business can sometimes complicate matters.

Nevertheless, Doerga said it is the role of business service organisations like the Chamber of Commerce and private sector businesses themselves to capitalise on business opportunities and deepening political ties.

“It is not the responsibility of governments to put us together.

“It is our responsibility to come together and work together… (through) the chamber is how we are taking responsibility,” he explained.

The Chamber of Commerce has more than 60 members now and it is facilitating business ventures and partnerships in both countries, not just in Guyana, according to the Chamber’s Vice Chairman, Derrick Klaverweide.

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