Safeway Security Inc. partners with security equipment manufacturer Hikvision to enhance service


Local electronic security company Safeway Security Inc. has partnered with Hikvision, a manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance equipment.

The partnership will allow Safeway Security Inc. to offer improved and innovative services using cutting edge technology.

Safeway Security is specialised in installation, repairs and maintenance of fire alarms and intrusion alarms, access control system and CCTV security camera system.

The partnership, which was launched on Thursday at their Regent Street, Bourda, Georgetown office will see Safeway Security also being the local distributor of Hikvision products.

Hikvision provides integrated security solutions powered by AI technology to support end-users with new applications and possibilities for safety management and business intelligence.

The security equipment they manufacture include features such as enhanced colour quality and facial recognition.

In delivering brief remarks at the launch, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Safeway Security, Saudia Qualander, said from starting off with just installation services, the company now offers a wide range of security services to meet demands.

Some of the surveillance equipment offered by Safeway Security Inc and Hikvision (Photo: News Room/February 29, 2024)

“We have a full service package here at Safeway. This partnership with HikVision will allow us to improve on our services and offer a more innovative, cutting edge technology that HikVision is known for,” Qualander said.

Through the partnership, Alfonso Ma, lead representative of HikVision Guyana said the company hopes to further improve the country’s security capability.

“We chose Safeway as our partner to cooperate. Safeway is a powerful local company…in the future they will serve as our distributor to Guyana to develop security business,” Ma noted.

HikVision specialises in electronic security equipment such as cameras, access control and video intercom.

Among the products they manufacture are transmission devices such as switches, monitors and video wall solutions.

And with the partnership now in place, Enrique Luna, regional pre-sales and training coordinator of Hikvision Guyana said they will be training and certifying installers on how their products work.

Some of the surveillance equipment offered by Safeway Security Inc and Hikvision (Photo: News Room/February 29, 2024)

“It’s not only selling you a camera, it’s teaching you how to configure, how to get the best out of the product…because the main issue that we find in many projects is that the pre-sales was not done well enough,” Luna said.

According to Luna, Hikvision Guyana is hoping to facilitate the first training by May this year through Safeway Security Inc.

“The main purpose of our products is to make whole solutions. To make whole solution for our customers…to have all system integrated on one platform,” he said.

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