Suri Trading sponsors Albion U-11 and U-13 cricket teams


See below press release from Suri Trading 

Suri Trading takes immense pride in its ongoing sponsorship of the Albion Under-11 and Under-13 cricket teams. We are dedicated to nurturing young talent and instilling a passion for cricket from the grassroots level upward.

Our sponsorship ensures that the Albion Cricket Team has access to superior coaching and equipment, empowering them to realise their full potential on the field.

The Albion Cricket Club has long been celebrated as one of the most successful clubs not only in Guyana but also across the Caribbean. This achievement is largely attributed to their commitment to developing young players, resulting in the emergence of numerous national and international cricket stars.

Representing their team on the cricket field is a cherished aspiration for many young cricketers. Through our sponsorship, we aim to inspire these emerging athletes to dream big and set ambitious goals.

Whether it’s making a match-winning play, securing a crucial wicket, or simply relishing the camaraderie of teammates, we believe every moment on the cricket field presents an opportunity for these young players to flourish and pursue their aspirations.

Our support for the Albion Under-11 and Under-13 Boys Cricket Team extends beyond mere financial backing; it signifies our dedication to the future of cricket.

By championing these young athletes, we are not only helping them pursue their dreams, but also moulding them into future leaders and role models.

At Suri Trading, we view this sponsorship as part of our corporate social responsibility to give back to the Guyanese community. Such sponsorships are made possible through the unwavering support of our loyal customers.

We invite you to join us in rallying behind the Albion Under-11 and Under-13 Boys Cricket Team as they embark on their journey to success.

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