Health and Wellness: CNOOC donates outdoor gyms to National Park


CNOOC Petroleum Guyana Limited (CPGL) has donated exercise machines to Guyana’s National Park, aiming to improve the well-being of the community and enhance the visitor experience.

CPGL, at the commissioning ceremony Thursday, expressed their intention to collaborate with the First Lady of Guyana Arya Ali to install similar machines in other parts of the country.

“The donation of these exercise machines may seem like a small gesture,” said CPGL President Liu Xiaoxiang, “but it is a strong affirmation of CPGL’s interest in the well-being of Guyana and its people.”

Further, he stated that the donation aims to “increase the range of options for the public to engage in recreation, sports and exercise.”

The machines use a person’s body weight and are designed to be safe, efficient, and simple to use, offering various health benefits to users.

Jason Fraser, Commissioner of the Protected Areas Commission (PAC), commended the collaboration with CPGL and the creation of a new space for fitness and wellness within the National Park.

Foreign Secretary and PAC Chairman Robert Persaud emphasised the importance of corporate social responsibility, urging citizens to take care of the facilities provided by companies like CPGL.

CPGL and PAC Commissioning of Outdoor Gym Programme in National Park by News Room/Avidesh Narine


He said the gesture by CPGL coincides and complements  “what our President and our First Lady has been doing, and that is, creating safe spaces for the enjoyment and the development of families, of children, and the citizens of our country,”.

“Companies such as CNOOC did not have to do this,” said Persaud. “They are making that investment for the people of Guyana.”

Chinese Ambassador to Guyana Guo Haiyan also commended CPGL’s contribution, highlighting the company’s commitment to supporting local welfare and the people’s livelihood.

The machines are expected to be widely used by the public and are seen as a valuable addition to the National Park.

“This is affordable, free non-specific training and you can’t get cheaper than free,” said Paul Meusa, a gym owner and CrossFit athlete.

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