Guyanese Calvin Ming makes history at Games of the Future 2024 in Russia


Guyanese racing prodigy Calvin Ming blazed a trail at the Games of the Future 2024 in Russia in a groundbreaking fusion of virtual and real-world motorsport.

Ming, alongside his Mexican teammate Cristian Cantú, competed in this innovative hybrid motor-racing event, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of motorsport.

Guyanese Calvin Ming

The Games of the Future 2024 introduced a revolutionary format where drivers must navigate 25 laps on a simulator and a track simultaneously, swapping positions with their teammates midway through the race.

Ming and Cantú, representing the Quetzales America team, embraced the challenge with determination.

Of 28 drivers hailing from 12 countries, Ming and Cantú piloted the Italian-made ‘Tatus’ Formula 4 cars with precision and finesse.

Despite the fierce competition, the duo displayed exceptional skill and teamwork, qualifying for the eighth position.

Race day at the famed Sochi Autodrom, a circuit steeped in Formula 1 history, witnessed Ming and Cantú elevate their performance.

Negotiating the demanding 100-lap challenge, the pair showcased their prowess behind the wheel, ultimately clinching a commendable sixth place overall.

Reflecting on this extraordinary experience, Ming expressed enthusiasm for the innovative blend of sim and real-world racing.

He emphasised the potential for drivers to seamlessly transition between the virtual and physical realms of motorsport, hinting at future endeavours in this groundbreaking arena.

Calvin Ming on track

Ming’s illustrious racing career spans various prestigious series across the globe, including the F1600 Championship Series, NACAM Formula 4 Championship, U.S. F2000 National Championship and the Radical SR3 Caribbean Cup.

Notably, he secured the NACAM F4 Championship title in 2016/17, etching his name in Guyanese motorsport history as the highest-achieving driver in an FIA-sanctioned event.

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