‘More diversity & inclusivity’ – More women needed in the workplace, says Women’s Chamber


Despite facing the issue of gender equality, women and girls have been breaking barriers by taking up roles in various sectors in society.

And for last year, women accounted for more than 41 percent in workplaces.

In observation of International Women’s Day on Friday, the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted its 4th annual Women and Girls summit at the Marriott Hotel in Georgetown under the theme ‘Inspire, Invest, Include’.

The one day event is aimed at providing women and girls with a platform to network and gain insight from each other while exploring possible career opportunities and seek advice.

Women-owned businesses showcase their products at the 4th annual Women and Girls summit (Photo: News Room/March 8, 2024)

It featured a series of interactive sessions, including panel discussions led by women in business and other leadership roles.

In her opening remarks, President of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rowena Elliot said the summit is geared at ensuring that women and girls have the opportunity to realise their full potential.

“Today we look to the women who have paved the way breaking the barriers in science, politics, arts, agriculture, sports, business and every field.

President of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rowena Elliot (Photo: News Room/March 8, 2024)

“We acknowledge the courage and determination that aspire us all to challenge the status quo and strive for society where gender does not dictate the opportunities in our lives,” Elliot said.

Noting that inspiration alone is not enough, Elliot said it is vital that investments are made in the education, health and economic advancement of women and girls in society.

“When women strive, societies benefit and by investing in women, we are investing in the future. We are creating a world that is more diverse, equitable, resilient and sustainable,” she noted.

Equally important, she said is inclusion, which involves creating the space where everyone, regardless of their gender, can engage in all facets of life.

“Inclusion means breaking down the barriers that prevent women from achieving their full potential. From the laws, the practices that discriminate against women to the unconscious biasness that underlie our society.

“…It means empowering women to lead to and to make decisions,” Elliot said.

According to Elliot, gender equality is not just a women issue but it’s a human rights one which affects every individual.

“On this international women’s day I urge everyone…to let us renew our commitment to the world where every women and girl has the opportunity to strive. A world where we can live free from violence and discrimination, where they can lead, innovate and aspire,” she said.

This year International Women’s Day is being observed under the theme ‘Invest in women: Accelerate progress’.

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