NSC urges Sport Associations/Federations to submit financial statements 


To lay the groundwork for establishing an ideal sports governance culture, the National Sports Commission (NSC) petitions all national federations and associations to submit and publish their respective annual financial statements expeditiously and transparently.

Director of Sport Steve Ninvalle made this clarion call, which is not an act of compulsion.

In Ninvalle’s estimation, the corresponding associations and federations should see this course of action as the start of the adoption phase of a new culture that is free from coercion, force, or compulsion.

He expounded, “The creation of a model sports culture drives the mandate of the NSC—a philosophy, though infant in its establishment, that speaks to accountability and transparency not only at the administrative and governmental levels but, more importantly, in the public strata and court.

This is not a decree but simply an act of good faith as we strive to create the humble but essential tenets of culture required for the evolution of our sporting landscape.”

According to Ninvalle, “We acknowledge that some associations might be experiencing challenges organising financial statements and other supporting documentation. To ensure this occurs, we’re prepared to collaborate with them. Associations are advised to take this action in the medium to long term.”

The Director of Sport contended that the timely submission of audited financial reports is a hallmark of good governance.

Subsequently, the National Sports Commission and the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sport will incorporate this data to construct appropriate guidelines and procedures for integrating this culture into sport associations.

“Associations are required to submit their financial statements annually; some have, but some have not.

Despite our requests and the National Sports Commission Act’s mandate, we still find that some associations are negligent. Nevertheless, we want to embrace them (those who have not) and help them integrate into this burgeoning culture”, he explained.

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