‘What public frustration?’ – Nandlall says comments on Jagdeo, Police Force ‘a storm in a teacup’


See below opinion piece by Attorney General, Anil Nandlall

Whenever it is possible to put the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Government or its leaders in a negative light, certain sections of the media never fail to deliver. Even when it requires them to magnify a non-issue and report it as prime news.

This is the case of a “lead story” emerging from hearings currently being conducted at the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Committee.

The US Candidate to the Human Rights Committee invited the Guyana delegation to comment on “there is public frustration due to the failure of the Government to investigate reports of acts of corruption by the Vice President, the Judiciary and the Guyana Police Force”.

No particulars nor details  given whatsoever concerning these alleged acts of corruption. Minister Gail Teixeira, leading the Guyana delegation, adequately and competently offered the commentary requested.

No story is published regarding the alleged acts of corruption in respect of the Judiciary or the Guyana Police Force. On the contrary and perhaps expectedly, Vice President Jagdeo becomes the star in news stories published certain local media. Not even an attempt at balance.

Worse yet, the impression is conveyed that Guyana was “grilled” in respect of alleged corruption on the part of the Vice President! Nothing is further from the truth. This issue occupied just a few minutes of a two- day agenda which is still ongoing. But it becomes the headline.

The question purports to stem from “public frustration.” Which public? I dare ask. Vice President Jagdeo faces the public in Guyana on a daily basis. He faces the press once weekly. A hostile press. These questions are not asked. In fact the public record will reflect that the only grouping that pursues this line in the public domain is the APNU-AFC, driven by their own political self interest.

Moreover, the Vice President addressed this matter at length in the Vice News interview itself, and publicly many times thereafter. He comprehensively debunked the nefarious allegations. He filed legal proceedings against the person who unilaterally implicated him in these allegations. This person, so far, has not defended the legal proceedings. Default judgment is about to be obtained.

However, even if the judgment is obtained, the protagonists will no doubt still pursue these baseless allegations.

Additionally, it is crystalline that those who ask these questions labour under a shocking misunderstanding of Guyana’s legal and constitutional structure. Government does not “investigate”. Different State Agencies are endowed by law with investigative powers, not the Government.

Just imagine, if the Government is to announce that it will “investigate” the Judiciary, the rancor and ruckus that will erupt and rightfully so. But yet the Government is being accused of failing to “investigate” the Judiciary at a high international forum. Utter ignorance.

I guess one can conclude that the Vice President cannot stay out of the news. Even if he desperately tries.

In the end, It is nothing but a storm in a teacup!

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