Leading Edge, FireSide equip budding Essequibo cricketer with gear


FireSide and Leading Edge Sports store joined resources to support aspiring U15 cricketer Francis Gurahoo from Essequibo by providing him with a complete cricket kit.

This act of generosity equipped Gurahoo with the tools he needed to excel in the sport and encouraged him to pursue his dreams with passion and dedication.

Gurahoo, a left-handed batsman, expressed heartfelt gratitude to former national cricketers Christopher Barnwell and Simeon Francis for their invaluable sponsorship.

He explained how this timely investment in new gear has motivated him to push himself harder and strive for excellence on the cricket field.

In a touching gesture, Barnwell emphasized the importance of “Paying It Forward” and expressed his commitment to nurturing young talent like Gurahoo.

He hinted at the possibility of a brand ambassador contract for Gurahoo to showcase his CB90 gears and pledged to keep a watchful eye on the budding cricketer’s promising journey ahead.

“This heartwarming collaboration demonstrates the importance of community support and serves as a reminder that uplifting and empowering our youth to pave the way for a brighter and more inspiring future for our youth, our country, and the sport.

We must continue to champion and encourage the next generation of athletes to chase their dreams with unwavering determination and resilience”, Barnwell expressed.

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