Kuru Kuru brothers hospitalized after stabbing incident at Perseverance Beach


Two brothers are patients at the Suddie Public Hospital after they were stabbed several times about their bodies on Easter Monday.

The siblings were identified as Leon Thomas, 24, and Delory Thomas, 22, of Kuru Kuru, Soesdyke/Linden Highway.

They were visiting Perseverance Beach for Easter Monday celebrations in Region Two.

According to reports, around 20:00 hrs, the men got involved in a scuffle with a man who was later identified as Sherwin Stoll, the uncle of another man with whom they had an earlier confrontation.

Leon and Delroy were reportedly armed with knives and bottles. Stoll, in turn, armed himself with a bottle and rushed to his uncle’s defense.

During that scuffle, Stoll sustained injuries but managed to relieve the brothers of their weapons and inflicted bodily harm on them.

Leon and Delroy fell to the ground and were picked up in an unconscious state by the police and rushed to the Suddie Public Hospital. They were both admitted.

Stoll is also admitted as a patient under police guard.

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