GUMDAC Easter Badminton tournament opens with exciting, competitive play


The Guyana Badminton Association’s Annual Easter Tournament kicked off on Thursday evening at the National Gymnasium, as players and fans alike gathered to witness the commencement of the competition.

“With a sense of anticipation in the air, the courts came alive with the sound of shuttlecocks and the energy of the competitors. As the matches unfolded, attendees were treated to displays of skill and strategy,” the Guyana Badminton Association highlighted in a press statement.

A total of 30 games were played on the opening night at the indoor facility on Mandela Avenue.

In her opening remarks the Vice-President of the GBA, Ayanna Watson welcomed all the participants, coaches and spectators.

She expressed her thanks to the sponsor Darrell Carpenay of GUMDAC who made the event possible, this being the 10th year sponsoring this tournament.

She extended a warm welcome and thanked the members of the newly formed Demerara Badminton Club and the Berbice Badminton Club for their participation.

She also wished the players best of luck and reminded all to play hard, play fair and have fun. The categories being competed are Men’s Doubles, Women Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

Below are the summarised scores from the opening night

Women’s Doubles: Ayanna Watson/Shivannie Persaud defeated Genieve Bookram/Gianna Ramnarine: 21-13, 21-4

Men’s Doubles: Hemant Ramdhani/Leslie Liu defeated Ruel Rambiriche/Avinash Ramnarine: 21-15, 21-10

Women’s Doubles: Leshaunte Berkley/Gabrielle Felix defeated Jefina James/Priya Henry: 21-17, 21-6

Men’s Doubles: William Holder/Jason Khalil defeated Jonathan Robinson/Raah Russell: 21-12, 21-12

Men’s Doubles: Nkosi Beaton/Frank Waddell defeated Vinai Datt/Mohamed Farouk: 21-6, 21-3

Men’s Doubles: Gavin Cao/Lim Huat Tat defeated Gabriel Felix/Nikolas Pollard: 21-12, 21-18

Women’s Doubles: Anna Perreira/Ashley Khalil defeated Priyanka Shvinauth/Joanne Tan: 21-7, 21-3

Mixed Doubles: Akili Haynes/Priyanna Ramdhani defeated Shane Birkett/Ihatiah Frank: 21-1, 21-1

Mixed Doubles: Jahiem Carmichael/Jefina James defeated Omkar Persaud/Genieve Bookram: 21-13, 21-13

Men’s Doubles: Avinash Odit/Javid Rahaman defeated Yonneil Benjamin/Christopher Jordan: 21-5, 21-7

Mixed Doubles: Raah Russell/Tyra Gomes defeated Gabriel Felix/Malia Haley: 21-12, 16-21, 21-7

Mixed Doubles: Colin Bowry/Priya Henry defeated Ruel Rambiriche/Gianna Ramnarine: 21-17, 21-13

Mixed Doubles: Tyrese Jeffrey/Ambika Ramraj defeated Avinash Ramnarine/Neveah Eastman: 21-8, 21-9

Mixed Doubles: Wenyuan Chen/Shivannie Persaud defeated Vishal Gopaul/Gabrielle Felix: 21-12, 21-12

Mixed Doubles: Frank Waddell/Leshaunte Berkley defeated Jason Stephney/Harshini Muralidharan: 21-16, 21-19

Men’s Doubles: Matthew Klautky/Omkar Persaud defeated Egan Bulkan/Ethan Bulkan: 21-8, 21-14

Women’s Doubles: Priyanna Ramdhani/Mishka Beharry defeated Anna Perreira/Ashley Khalil: 21-15, 21-17

Men’s Doubles: Grandison Robinson/Troxley Cutting defeated Gavin Cao/Lim Huat Tat: 21-12, 21-3

Men’s Doubles: Colin Bowry/Jahiem Carmiael defeated Hemant Ramdhani/Leslie Liu: 21-16, 21-13

Men’s Doubles: William Holder/Jason Khalil defeated Jason Stephney/Andrew Browne: 21-13, 21-16

Women’s Doubles: Neveah Eastman/Malia Haley defeated Tyra Gomes/Aaliyah Bacchus: 21-13, 21-12

Men’s Doubles: Wenyuan Chen/Marlon Chung defeated Vishal Gopaul/Haresh Persaud: 21-5, 21-10

Men’s Doubles: Akili Haynes/Tyrese Jeffrey defeated Shane Birkett/Percival Chester: 21-1, 21-5

Women’s Doubles: Alimah Eastman/Asiyah Eastman defeated Leshaunte Berkley/Gabrielle Felix: 21-15, 21-17

Men’s Doubles: Matthew Klautky/Omkar Persaud defeated Marcus Samuels/Jamal Sinclair: 21-8, 20-22, 16-21

Mixed Doubles: Nkosi Beaton/Anna Perreira defeated Colin Bowry/Priya Henry: 21-12, 21-13

Mixed Doubles: Jason Khalil/Ashley Khalil defeated Yonneil Benjamin/Aaliyah Bacchus: 21-9, 21-2

Mixed Doubles: Frank Waddell/Leshaunte Berkley defeated Roseann Bulkan/Egan Bulkan: 21-7, 21-9

Mixed Doubles: Avinash Odit/Mishka Beharry defeated Raah Russell/Tyra Gomes: 21-7, 21-9

Mixed Doubles: Nikolas Pollard/Alimah Eastman defeated Jaheim Carmichael/Jefina James: 12-21, 21-13, 21-14

The tournament continues on Friday and wraps up on Saturday with the category finals at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue.

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