Marics and Company announced as official sponsor of Group Two class


The Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) is thrilled to announce Marics and Company Limited, the sole authorised distributor of Honda products in Guyana, as the official partner of the Group Two class for the 2024 Circuit Championship season.

The Group Two class, renowned for its line-up of predominantly Honda Civic cars, showcases some of the best drivers in Guyana. With Marics and Company Limited stepping in as the official partner, this collaboration brings together two esteemed entities in motorsports and Honda.

The Group Two drivers

“We are excited to welcome Marics and Company Limited on board as the official partner of the Group Two class for our 2024 Circuit Championship season,” said Luis Kumar, GMR&SC Executive.

“Their association with motorsports and the Honda brand adds a new dimension to our racing community. We believe this partnership will elevate the racing experience for drivers and spectators alike.”

For Marics and Company Limited, this sponsorship presents an opportunity to strengthen its ties with the motorsports community and reinforce its association with the Honda brand.

By aligning itself with the Group Two class, Marics and Company Limited has found an ideal platform to showcase its brand and connect with enthusiasts.

The Group Two class is renowned for its line-up of predominantly Honda Civic cars

“This partnership with GMR&SC is a fantastic opportunity for Marics and Company Limited to further establish our presence in the motorsports arena and enhance our association with the Honda brand,” said Jonathan Permaul, Director at Marics and Company Limited.

“We are proud to support the Group Two class, which will be called ‘Marics – Honda Group Two and look forward to an exciting season of racing.”

The 2024 Circuit Championship season promises to deliver thrilling action and intense competition, with the Group Two class set to captivate audiences with its line-up of Honda Civics and top-tier drivers.

With Marics and Company Limited’s support, GMR&SC is poised to deliver an exciting racing season.

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