Guyana Athletes Commission to host Social Media Management Workshop


Press Release from the Guyana Athletes Commission

The Guyana Athletes Commission (GAC) is pleased to announce its upcoming Social Media Management Workshop scheduled for April 13th, 2024, from 10:00h at the Guyana Olympic Association’s headquarters at Liliendaal.

The workshop is the first of several initiatives planned by the GAC this year, in alignment with its mission to represent and support athletes within the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA).

Athletes from diverse sporting disciplines across the nation have been extended invitations through their respective national federations to participate in this enlightening event.

The workshop aims to equip athletes with essential knowledge on presenting themselves professionally across various social media platforms, thereby fostering opportunities for their personal and athletic growth.

Led by the esteemed Chairperson of the GAC, Chelsea Edghill, OLY, the workshop will emphasise the significance of maintaining a professional online presence while delving into often overlooked aspects of competition, such as interview etiquette and handling press conferences.

Participants can expect comprehensive guidance on navigating the intricacies of social media management tailored specifically to their needs as athletes.

As the premier forum for athletes’ representation and development, the GAC remains committed to empowering Guyanese athletes to excel both on and off the field.

This workshop underscores the GAC’s dedication to providing invaluable resources and support to the athletic community, ensuring their continued success in the global arena.

About the Guyana Athletes Commission:

Established in 2022, the Guyana Athletes Commission (GAC) serves as the primary advocate for athletes within the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA).

Chaired by Chelsea Edghill, OLY, the GAC is committed to championing the rights and welfare of Guyanese athletes while fostering their holistic development on and off the field.

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