Indo-Guyanese feel marginalised in the PNC- Ubraj


Former Georgetown Mayor, Ubraj Narine has flagged feelings of marginalisation among Indo-Guyanese who are part of major opposition party, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R).

Narine, in a letter to the Editor, addressed comments made by party Chairman, Surwayne Holder against party stalwart, Amna Ally. Though he defended Ally’s right to critise party leader, Aubrey Norton he highlighted how marginalised Indo-Guyanese in the party feel and how they are dissuaded from expressing themselves like Ally did.

“It is crucial for the People’s National Congress to address the concerns raised by loyal members who feel marginalised due to their Indian heritage or desire to challenge the party’s leadership.

“The PNC must endeavour to create an inclusive environment where dissent is encouraged, diverse voices are heard, and the spirit of Forbes Burnham’s vision is upheld. Only then can the party truly serve as a platform for progress and represent the aspirations of all Guyanese citizens,” Narine said in his letter.

The former City Mayor opined that the PNC, as a major political party in Guyana, must embrace Guyana’s multi-ethnic makeup and guarantee that people from “diverse” backgrounds feel “valued and included.”

Yet, for him, concerns remain.

“As a concerned member of the PNC, one is left pondering the consequences of challenging the party’s leadership. Will any member who dares to step forward be labelled as a supporter of the rival party, the PPP? Furthermore, does the PNC truly welcome individuals of Indian descent, like myself, under its current leadership?

Narine’s letter is part of growing tensions playing out in public spaces among members of the PNCR.

Last week, Holder affirmed that the party’s leaders are focused on unifying the party ahead of the 2025 General and Regional Elections.

The PNC/R, the major constituent of the APNU coalition, is currently led by Opposition Leader, Aubrey Norton.

In recent weeks, however, party Executives Roysdale Forde and Ganesh Mahipaul expressed interest in contesting for the post of leader at the party’s upcoming congress.

  1. Matthew says

    Well….duh. Why do you think their is a Bunham museum?

  2. Matthew says

    Well….duh. Why do you think that there is a museum commemorating 1966-1992?

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