Cops destroy over $560M in ganja at Wiruni, Kaiwa


Law enforcement officials on Saturday destroyed more than $500 million worth of cannabis which was being cultivated on farms at Wiruni, Berbice River and Kaiwa, Upper Berbice River area.

In separate statements, Police headquarters said eradication exercises were conducted between 03:00hrs and 16:05hrs.

During the operation at Wiruni, Police said ranks discovered two farms.

The farms were destroyed by fire (Photo: GPF/April 14, 2024)

On the first farm, 1200 pounds of dried cannabis valued at $489M were found.

While, 10 acres which consisted of 150,000 plants, worth $50M, were unearthed on the second farm.

Both farms were destroyed by fire.

On the first farm, 1200 pounds of dried cannabis valued at $489M were found (Photo: GPF/April 14, 2024)

Similarly, during the exercise at Kaiwa, Police said two cannabis farms were discovered and destroyed.

“The first farm was about five acres in size and approximately 1,000 seedlings were planted on some of the beds. However, there was also a nursery with approximately 35,000 seedlings,” Police Headquarters detailed in a statement.

In addition, Police said a large camp which had about 34 kilograms of dried cannabis, with a street value of $30,617M was found.

The farms were destroyed by fire (Photo: GPF/April 14, 2024)

“Another farm was located just about 100 feet away about two acres in size which had about 2,000 plants ranging from 8 inches to 4 feet in height, estimated weight of 2200 kilograms and approximate street value, $338,800,” Police headquarters noted.

The farms, nursery as well as the narcotics were also destroyed.

No one was arrested.

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  1. habeeb says

    Daily, large amount of marijuana are found everywhere, published in the press how many millions $$$ worth destroyed in Guyana, just solidify the fact that GUYANA IS A MASSIVE DRUG DEN. While the world listens, pay attention.
    If all these drugs were allowed to circulate just in the Guyana market, think of the $$$ millions $$$$ that
    would also be able to finance other businesses. That is a prudent way, instead of BURNING THE DRUGS.

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