Customer finds rotten tooth in Chinese food


What should have been a normal meal for a 22-year-old woman turned out to be the most awful experience of her life after she found a rotten tooth in a box of food purchased from a Georgetown Chinese restaurant.

The woman sent an individual to buy the food on Saturday afternoon.

She bought a chicken fried rice without vegetables.

The food was purchased from a Chinese restaurant on Robb street.

The woman’s mother, who wished not to be named, told the News Room that she also ate a mouthful of the food before she left for an outing.

On Sunday morning, she said her daughter informed her that she wasn’t fell well.

Upon inquiring, the woman said she learnt that her daughter had been constantly vomiting.

The vomiting, she said, started after the young woman discovered a tooth while eating the food.

“She said she was eating the Chinese and while she was chewing it she felt something like a bone and when she spit it out and looked at it, it was a human decayed tooth,” the woman told the News Room.

The woman said they were not frequent customers of that particular Chinese restaurant.

“This is awful there are so many thoughts coming into my head. Was he cooking and his tooth fell out? Did he spit it in the pot? Was it somebody else? Too much speculation is running through my head,” the woman said.

The woman is calling on the authorities to investigate the matter.

“Authorities should really go down there, check them out, close them down. I don’t even know but this is bad,” she said.

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  1. habeeb says

    Must be part of the “seasoning”…
    Why are so many Guyanese “eating out” or “take home” food purchased from restaurants ?
    Too damn lady to cook a home meal…and knowing what you eat is not contaminated.

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