Five injured, vending stopped after roof collapses at Stabroek Market wharf


Five persons were Wednesday injured after the roof of the Stabroek Market wharf collapsed. The incident resulted in an immediate cessation of vending in the nearby area which remains cordoned off and inaccessible.

Bystanders recalled hearing a loud cracking sound from the dilapidated structure and within seconds it came crashing down, trapping a few persons beneath the fallen wood and zinc.

This was around 10:30 hrs. Firefighters from the nearby outpost were among emergency respondents called to the scene. The section that collapsed is near the meat section of the market at the back entrance, obliquely opposite the river taxis.

President Dr Irfaan Ali, several government ministers and City Council members were also at the scene to assess the situation.

To immediately address the dilapidated state of the wharf, the Ministry of Public Works will support the Mayor and City Council to remove the rubble and ensure that the area is no longer used until such time that repairs are done.

Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn said this is important for ensuring that further damages are avoided.

President Dr Irfaan Ali joined several ministers and officials to assess the collapsed wharf at Stabroek Market. (Photo: DPI)

“What we’re asking is that the site be isolated. That we work with the Council and City Constabulary to secure the site. We’ve asked that they pay attention to removing the rubble or debris,” Minister Benn said.

Mayor of Georgetown, Alfred Mentore told reporters that this issue affects the coastguards and persons traversing the wharf as well as the vendors. He said the next is figuring out a long term fix to ensure that the deteriorating structures no longer pose a threat.

“It’s something that we have to take in general and we have to work and find solutions as a collective to be able to deal with this issue,” Mentore said.

Meanwhile, Minister within the Public Works Ministry, Deodat Indar said that based on the information gathered, the five persons were living on the wharf.

“Now it’s a fire hazard, apart from it being what it is if we have a fire there, you threaten the market,” Minister Indar said.

The deteriorating structure was decommissioned for several years and Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Sonia Parag noted that during a recent visit to the market, vendors raised concerns regarding safety.

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  1. DON Gomes says

    Why do we beat up ourselves as in government vs cityhall?
    the market must be rebuilt and maintain the history of stabroek market.
    To my guyanese brothers and sisters,i shame bad,bad.
    Rebuild and let the market be a great place to make our waterfront a place to be PROUD of.

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