VP Jagdeo says prepared for any legal action from Fmr. PM Nagamootoo

... says Nagamootoo was a cheerleader for the destruction of sugar industry


Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo on Thursday said he has evidence to support his public statements and as such, he is prepared for any possible legal proceedings that may be filed by former Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo.

Last week, the Vice President accused Nagamootoo of being an active part of the attempts to derail the 2020 General and Regional Elections as a senior member of the APNU+AFC coalition that was in government at the time.

In a public statement, the former Prime Minister took umbrage to the accusation. He called on Jagdeo to retract his statement and issue an apology.

But the Vice President, during a People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) press conference on Thursday, said he is prepared to defend his statements.

“… blatant attempts (at derailing the elections) played out every single day, nothing could have disguised that. Any right thinking person would know that,” Jagdeo said.

And he highlighted that he has a mountain of evidence to support his accusations, including columns written by the former Prime Minister in the Guyana Chronicle newspaper. He quoted from some of the ‘My Truth’ columns, sharing some of the opinions and positions shared by Nagamootoo.

“Until now, Nagamootoo and the others hold the view that they won the elections but they can’t even produce their Statements of Polls,” Jagdeo said further.

Outside of comments about the 2020 elections, the Vice President also said Nagamootoo has made other claims in his new publications that can be easily disapproved.

And the Vice President reiterated that he is prepared for any legal action, noting that he wants to set the record straight on who Mr. Nagamootoo really is.

“…I want him to go down in history because he is trying to redeem his place in history after his bout of opportunism, becoming a cheerleader for the destruction of the sugar industry.

“I want his rightful place, which is a place reserved for opportunists in our history, for him to occupy that space and to expose his unprincipled behaviour and I think a court case can help me to actually that,” Jagdeo said too.

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