Water Street Accident: Woman died from multiple injuries including crushed hips


The Guyana Police Force for the first time on Thursday issued a statement on Monday’s accident along Water Street, Georgetown that claimed the life of Doreen Haynes.

The statement came hours after an autopsy was concluded that gave the cause of death as multiple injuries with crushed injuries to both hips.

Haynes, a pedestrian on the road at the time, died after being squeezed and run over by a truck.

The Police said their probe revealed that the unregistered vehicle was proceeding south along Water Street when the driver attempted to overtake motor lorry GAB 3272 which was stationary.

In the process, the rear left portion of the vehicle collided with Haynes, who was standing at the motor lorry and conversing with the driver.

As a result of the collision, the pedestrian was squeezed between the two vehicles and fell onto the road where she further received injuries to her body.

The victim was picked up in a semi-conscious condition, placed in an ambulance; and escorted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where she was seen by a doctor on duty. Whilst receiving treatment, Doreen succumbed to her injuries.

“Notice of ‘intended prosecution’ was prepared and served on the driver of the unregistered vehicle,” the police said.



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