Zoning now in effect as National Park seeks to delegate space to specific activities


Guyana aims to reduce the impact of plastics and micro plastics on the environment by 60 per cent. In doing so, the Protected Areas Commission (PAC) on Friday launched its National Park Zoning Plan which will assist with supporting this goal.

Unveiling and public consultations for the National Park Zoning Plan on Friday allowed for engagement on the country’s objectives to reach its environmental goals.

Robert Persaud, the Foreign Secretary, said the plan paves the way for various activities to take place without incidents. More so, managing the space is important as Guyana struggles with a comprehensive waste management and conservation plan. The zones are important because each area and the management team for this area will be responsible for maintaining it and that helps tremendously with ensuring the park is clean and safe.

Robert Persaud, the Foreign Secretary. (Photo: News Room/ April 19, 2024)

Additionally, Persaud said the Country will be participating in national engagements on World Earth Day (April 22). This year the theme for the observation is Planet vs. Plastic”, hence discussions on plastic waste management are paramount.

“There’s an international intergovernmental negotiating committee that is looking at the issue of plastic and then we’ll be participating.

“I think the main problem is how do we manage and how do we dispose of plastic in a responsible way. And I do hope that the international discussions that will be taking place is not only targeting plastic, but rather targeting politics,” Persaud said.

Plastic and microplastics can account for as much as 40 per cent of municipal waste. This is concerning for the management of the popular green space which was developed in 1965 and most recently encountered issues with plastic pollution issues following the Easter holiday weekend.

Meanwhile, UNDP Resident Representative Gerald Noto said during his current visit to the country, he took time to enjoy the serenity at the park. Now the UNDP is actively trying to assist Guyana with funding sustainable ways to manage plastic pollution.

“We are looking into developing a systematic mapping of how plastic is generated and handle or not handled and exploring ways to start recycling,” Noto said.

UNDP Resident Representative Gerald Noto during his remarks. (Photo: News Room/ April 19, 2024)

He said he observed several massive developments at the park and the plan launched will greatly impact this transformation.

Meanwhile, Jason Fraser,  Commissioner of the Protected Areas Commission, said the main objective is to demarcate areas for specific activities and purposes while optimizing the space.

“How best can we use our spaces to satisfy the need of stakeholders, provide a space for exercise, for wellness, for relaxation?

“A lot is going on for instance we will be having the presence of trainers to guide users…we sit on 560 acres of green space, with all the development happening around us, I think this makes our space more unique,” Fraser said.

Attendees at the launching event. (Photo: News Room/ April 19, 2024)

‘A Park for the People’ is the PAC’s theme for the National Park and by optimizing the space here, this theme fulfilled. Some of the activities that will be part of the sections or zones created are an equestrian space for pony rides, play park for children, the gym area, free zone, the dog park, tennis court. And new initiatives include cricket pitches, the installation of bleachers for the valley ball area. Stakeholders in these areas are encouraged to engage the PAC to develop these projects. There will also be free access to Wi-Fi at the park soon.

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