Body of missing miner found floating E’bo River


The body of a 40-year-old miner who went missing was on Friday found floating in the Essequibo River.

According to the Guyana Police Force, Exley Boyal of Batavia Village, Cuyuni River, went missing on Thursday between 8:30 hrs and 10:45 hrs. He was traveling from Bartica to Burn Bush, along the Essequibo River.

The Police reported the man’s wife as saying that on Thursday, she, Boyal and a 59-year-old chainsaw operator from Batavia Village, traveled to Bartica. After they disembarked, she parted company with the men at the Bartica market and they went to Dass’ Liquor Store at First Avenue, Bartica, where they purchased a bottle of High Wine and imbibed.

They then proceeded to Sherry Saw Mill at Burn Bush. However, Boyal was expected to return to Bartica in the small wooden boat called “ballahoo” with a 15 hp Yamaha outboard engine.

After the man didn’t return, a search party was formed, and searches were conducted in the area for Boyal, but he was not found.

Police at the Bartica Police Station later received a report from a boat captain from Falmouth on Thursday at about 10:45 hrs that an abandoned boat was seen floating along the river.

A search of the boat was conducted and a ZTE Cellular Phone and four five-gallon pails were found.

Boyal’s wife also positively identified the boat.

The man’s body wasn’t found until Friday at about 17:30 hrs.

Examinations were done on the body by a Crime Scene Technician and no marks of violence were seen. However, a “blood-like” substance was seen oozing from his nostrils. His body was taken to the Bartica Hospital mortuary for storage and post-mortem examination.

Investigations are ongoing.

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