Three charged after stealing, slaughtering animals


Two East Coast Demerara butchers, 51-year-old Troy Ward and 49-year-old Aubrey Josiah, were Wednesday charged after they unlawfully slaughtered animals that were reportedly stolen. Another man, John Sumner was charged for stealing the animals.

Police Headquarters reported that a 28-year-old Victoria, ECD cattle farmer told Officers at the Cove and John Police Station that his brown heifer and bull were missing.

It was further reported that someone told the farmer that his animals were in the possession of a Nabaclis, ECD resident. Ranks went with the farmer to Nabaclis but Sumner was not found.

The Officers then visited the Nabaclis Abattoir where they saw Sumner who upon seeing the ranks, allegedly fled into a nearby canal and escaped.

The abattoir was checked and two men, a 48-year-old and a 23-year-old, along with a 25-year-old female, were seen. They had in their possession the carcasses of cows and a pig.

They were asked for his notices of intention to slaughter but remained silent. They were further asked for the skins of the animals slaughtered and only produced one, dark brown in colour.  A further search revealed four cow heads.

So, the Police photographed and took possession of all the carcasses.  A veterinarian was then summoned, and he inspected the meat.  The vet revealed that two of the animals were below 18 months old, one was three years old, and the other was 10 years old.

Ward and Josiah appeared before Magistrate Peter Hugh at the Cove and John Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday. They pleaded guilty and were fined $25,000 or three months imprisonment for failing to produce the animal skins, $25,000 or three months in jail for the unlawful possession of the meat, and $10,000 or one month in jail for failing to give notice of slaughter.

The Court also ordered that the meat be confiscated.

Additionally, 32-year-old Summer was arrested and charged with larceny. He also attended the Court on Wednesday but was not required to plead. He was granted $50,000 bail.

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