Essequibo businessman building $500M Rif’s Hotel


Riyadh Khan, a 40-year-old entrepreneur from Henrietta, Region Two, is actualising his vision with the construction of a multi-million-dollar, five-story hotel near the Anna Regina stadium. His construction firm, Rans Contracting and Supplies, is overseeing the project.

Initiated in 2022, the construction is projected for completion by the end of 2024.

In a recent interview, Khan revealed that the hotel, named Rif’s after his father, reflects his inspiration. The Rif family has been a prominent business name in Region Two for over 45 years, known for their gas stations and spare parts enterprise.

Expanding their portfolio, the family now ventures into the hospitality industry with this hotel.

The hotel will feature 40 fully-equipped rooms, offering single, double, and king suites, designed to meet five-star standards. The facility will include a restaurant, conference room, 24-hour café and fast food service, laundry services, and a boutique. The restaurant aims to provide an exceptional dining experience.

Khan disclosed that the hotel was initially conceptualised in 2010. However, a feasibility study deemed it unviable at that time. The project gained momentum with the current government’s development initiatives, including the construction of the international stadium at Anna Regina, which bolstered Khan’s confidence in the profitability of the accommodation sector.

Strategically located, the hotel will provide visitors with easy access to banks, a mall, a gym, and a supermarket.

The construction employs 45 workers, and upon completion, the hotel will create 35 jobs.

Khan acknowledged the unwavering support of his parents, wife Angelica Basir, and their two children during the project’s development. He plans to offer attractive packages to visitors and promote the natural beauty of Essequibo.

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