Constable’s death being treated as ‘hit and run’ accident


Detectives in New Amsterdam, Berbice are treating the death of 42 year old Devon Sheppard of Alexander Street, New Amsterdam as an accident.

This was confirmed by Police Divisional Commander,Ian Amsterdam who explained that based on the initial investigations conducted, they are certain that the woman’s death was as a result of an accident.

News Room was told that the peddle cycle that the woman was riding on the night she was last seen, shows signs that it was struck by a vehicle, with the wheel and other parts dented.

The woman, who worked at the New Amsterdam Town Constabulary left her home for a wake on Saturday evening last, but did not return home. Her children thought that she had spent the night there.

The woman’s son and other family members started looking for the woman after they confirmed that she was not at her friend’s home.

The police are now looking to see how best they can lay their hands on the errant driver of the vehicle.

According to a police source, the accident is a hit and run.

The ‘back road’ where the woman was traversed is said to be poorly lit.

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