PPP/C declares victory at LGE polls;pledge to be responsive to supporters’ needs


According to the Opposition, People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), the latest numbers indicate a massive victory for the Party at the Local Government Elections.

The PPP/C claims it has emerged victorious with over 60% of the votes cast in the 70 Local Authority Areas (LAA) which it contested, owing to “overwhelming electoral support.”

In this regard, Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo in a press release expressed gratitude to all the party’s supporters volunteers and other persons who assisted with the campaign.

Jagdeo said Once the final results are declared, “I will speak more comprehensively on the matter.”

He noted further that “what we have seen at the polls also vindicated the Party’s position that we were never afraid of the Local Government Elections for reasons I have explained earlier…”

Now that the Local Government Elections are over, Jagdeo said the PPP/C will ensure that the communities, “where we won a majority, are served in a manner that is responsive to their concerns and professional, without distinction for their race, political affiliation or religion.”

Moving forward, he said the PPP/C will resume the task of preparing for the national elections, whenever they are held, by “strengthening the party, consolidating and broadening our support base, and continuing our work to include more young people and women in our efforts to move Guyana forward. ”

The party claimed also that it had gained votes in non- traditional communities, owing to tireless efforts of it’s campaigners and other supporters. It believes that the high voter turn out was as a results of citizens frustration with the current administration.

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