Regional & Int’l bidders express interest in rehab of Moco-Moco hydro plant


The Ministry of Public Infrastructure has received five submissions from regional and international companies for the rehabilitation and operation of the Moco-Moco Hydropower Plant.


These companies are ‘CHEA -Centrias Hidreletricas da Amazonia LTDA – ME’ (Brazil), ‘NCGET’ (Russia), ‘Torque – EPCM’ (Barbados) and two from ‘McVantage Products’ (USA).


The Ministry said under a Build, Own, Operate, Transfer (BOOT) structure, power will be supplied to the Lethem Power Company grid under a negotiated and agreed Power Purchase Agreement.


The ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) was initially published in January 2016 and the submissions were opened on Thursday March 31, 2016 at the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA).


The process, which was facilitated by Seema Greene, Head of the Administrative and Human Resource Departments of GEA, and Valmiki Ramtahal, GEA’s Internal Auditor, was attended by representatives of three of the bidding companies; CHEA – Centrias Hidreletricas da Amazonia LTDA –ME, Torque – EPCM, and McVantage Products.


The Expression of Interests (EOIs)  will be evaluated by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.


The 500 kW Moco-Moco hydropower station was built in the year 1999 and went out of operation in the year 2003 due to a landslide along the penstock alignment. “The Government of Guyana has declared the rehabilitation of the station to be a priority project in order to strengthen the Lethem Power Company supplying the vicinity of Lethem and to substitute the diesel consumption with renewable energy with the aim of improving performance of the Company through cost effective solutions and the maximum possible annual energy production.”


Government says the rehabilitation of the Moco-Moco hydro power station is  part of an holistic approach to sustainable economic growth which it believes is demonstrative of its commitment to creating a climate resilient economy and establishing  a green economy.

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