Police bust men suspected of trailing persons from commercial banks



By Leroy Smith




The Police in ‘A’ Division on Saturday broke up a ring of ‘trunkers’ as they were in action on the East Bank of Demerara.



The suspects who were all wanted by the police in the past for trailing persons after they leave commercial banks and then setting up other persons to rob them were arrested after a businessman observed them trailing him.




The three men have always managed to slip through the police radar, but their luck ran out on Saturday.



On the said day the men trailed the businessman all the way to Land of Caanan after he withdrew a large sum of cash from the Demerara Bank location on the EBD.



According to information reaching the News Room, the men used a white Spacio motorcar, PPP 2662 to trail the businessman from the Bank.




The police have gone on the record calling on persons to desist from making  large cash transactions without police escort, however according to sources those calls normally fall on deaf ears, since some business persons are  reluctant to spend the extra sums to secure the cash and protect those doing the transactions on their behalf.




It was while driving that the businessman observed that the vehicle was traveling behind him for too long and telephoned the police, who dispatched a patrol immediately.




As the police were about to intercept the vehicle the occupants attempted to exit and join a minibus, but that attempt was foiled by the police.




The men are presently in police custody assisting with investigations.




On many occasions persons are robbed and even injured shortly after leaving commercials banks in and around the city.




There is a notion that robberies take place with the assistance of persons who are inside the bank but according to what the News Room has been told by police sources, ‘trunkers’ would usually gauge the persons entering and exiting the banks and would decide which persons they would rob.

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