Aaliyah Rosheuvel: Bringing Girl Power to the Bartending Field with “Jam Jar” Movement



With artistry, great flair and a knack for making you fall in love with more than just the alcohol in your glass; bartenders have time and again, proven why they are undoubtedly one of the most influential elements of an unforgettable time at your favourite night spot.

But depending on where you go, the bartending magic you long for is not always present. However, Jam Jar Bartending, a relatively new kid on the block, is hoping to shake and stir things up for the better in this field.

The bartending movement was created and launched officially on May 7, last, by Aaliyah Rosheuvel (AR) better known as British Honey.  Rosheuvel, a talented Guyanese singer with several commendable tracks under her belt, is no stranger to the entertainment world. And with her new project, she hopes to make the bartending experience in Guyana all the better with a unique concept.

Noting her disappointment that the bartending field in Guyana seems to be dominated by males, the cheerful radio personality said that she is on a mission to bring an irresistible femme fatale flavour to the culture with her venture.

She has even taken formal training in Bartending in the USA and acquired firsthand experience in the trade during her time there.

Encouraged by the support she has received thus far for her all female bartending agency, Rosheuvel emphasized that there is no stopping her when it comes to this exciting business enterprise. Here is an extract of her interview with the News Room (NR) on the project and her take on some aspects of Guyana’s Entertainment landscape.


NR: What separates your brand from the rest?

AR: What separates us from others is our ability to bring an appealing appearance and an uplifting personality to the bartending field. With this project, we really shy away from the plain or bland look that you normally see with bartenders in Guyana. We make it our mission to lift the appearance of “The Bartender” by first of all embracing all of our feminine inclinations to want to be appealing and feeling that way as well. But professionalism and a genuinely pleasant personality are our secret weapons. There is a lax approach where that is concerned in Guyana and most seem to take the customer for granted. That needs to change.

NR: What projects are you working on?

AR: Right now I really don’t want let the cat out the bag but I am working on opening a Bartending School so all aspiring bartenders will have the opportunity to be Certified in this Field.

NR: What’s the partnership dynamic like between you and your faithful supporters?

AR: Well we’re getting out there day by day and people have been providing us with constructive criticisms and great feedback and we have been extremely open to listening to what the public wants. We use that to our advantage. Additionally, we’ve partnered with Daily’s Cocktails, Club 704 and Palm court and we look forward to partnering with other businesses and companies in the future.

NR: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in the entertainment industry?

AR: There have been several challenges since I have started and perhaps the most worrying is the fact that there are persons who are always in the shadows trying to hinder your dreams. But I am not going to allow that to be an obstacle to my success.

NR: What has disappointed you the most about Guyana’s music/entertainment industry?

AR: My only disappointment about the entertainment industry is that Guyanese artistes are not given the respect and appreciation they deserve. There have been several instances for example where you would get the impression that some promoters believe more in investing in a foreign artiste as opposed to those in their homeland…Also, fellow artistes have shared their experiences with me that in some cases they were rushed off the stage before they can finish their performance and or chased out of dressing rooms for the foreign acts and that to me is ridiculous. I guess someone needs to take action and say something about this but it’s not my place to go on.


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